Destination Paradise
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Let us help you plan and arrange your trip to Las Vegas.

Destination Paradise is a private concierge service providing information about Las Vegas accomodations and local attractions, and hotel reservation assistance.

We have been in the travel business, helping people from all over the world plan great vacations for more than 30 years. Our experience matters.


Free to you, our services are entirely supported, like a travel agency, by commissions paid by the businesses we represent. We are not supported by government nor any other third party. If we do not place a commission for you, we do not get paid for the time we spent helping you make good travel decisions.

Businesses, including resorts, inns, hotels, tours and restaurants can not buy their way onto our web site. We select the businesses we represent on the basis of quality of service.

Our only goal is for you to be happy with your experience visiting Las Vegas. If you are not happy with our services, do not stay at the resort, leave early, or find another tour, we will not earn a commission. So we have a vested interest in your having the quality of experience you expect to have.

The images you see on our web site are ours. When we plan a trip, we want to see real pictures of real places, not the marketing department's version of their property. We think you want to see what you are going to get as well, not what marketing wants you to think you will see.

We started Destination Paradise in the Florida Keys. Since we are not currently able to visit the Keys on a frequent enough basis to monitor the status of accommodations there, the only legacy of our Keys web site is a page of the many sunset, beachside weddings we performed there. We check in on all of the businesses we represent to ensure there will be no surprises for you when you arrive.