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The stories below were written by Paul for our Florida Keys website. They mostly pertain to the Keys, but since you are a traveler, you might enjoy them anyway.
1. A Professional Screwup

We are in the travel business, after all, so who would have thought that two owners of a reservation service would be bolting from a Coconut Grove inn at 11:30 pm one Saturday night?

2. Going Deep

As a novice SCUBA diver at the time, kicking awkwardly toward advanced open water certification, the LAST thing I wanted was to be suiting up to dive the RV Thunderbolt.

3. Hunting the Big One

Offshore fishing in the Keys was once the exclusive venue of crusty adventurers, world class sportsmen like Ernest Hemingway, Zane Grey and, more recently, former Dolphins football coach Jimmie Johnson. Not any more.



4. Seven Mile Bridge Run

One Saturday, every April, the Marathon Runners Club commemorates the completion of the "new" 7 Mile Bridge by sponsoring a race across it.



5. Travels in the Carribbean

We knew we were not going to have a very good day when we presented our travel documents to the American Airlines ticket agent at Washington’s National Airport the morning of our planned departure and, after searching through them for a moment, she paused, looked up, and asked, "Have you changed airports, sir?"


6. Cuba 1994

Had I not passed up an opportunity to be a movie extra on the film True Lies, Nancy and I might never have gone to Cuba at all.



7. Snooker McGee (Part 1 of 3)

A story about a (reluctant) transexual lawyer, way before Bruce Jenner dove into LGBTrans history.