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Florida Keys Weddings

For the 20 or so years before we moved to Las Vegas, we lived in the Florida Keys. We operated our first private concierge service there, helping people with hotel and guest house accommodations, restaurant recommendations, and dive and fishing charters. Since we owned a boat and Paul was a licensed captain, we thought we would offer to marry a few especially romatic couples. Because being a captain was not sufficient to officiate marriages, Paul became a notary.

Our first ceremony took place on a balcony at the Pier House in Key West. Ironically, we only married one couple on our boat. The rest were mostly intimate sunset ceremonies on beaches mostly in Marathon or Key West. As a service to our married couples, we photographed the ceremonies and created a web page for each couple to share with their friends and families.

In creating this new web site, we have tried to honor the couples we had the honor of marrying by republishing their photos and their ceremony information here. While we have received a few requests over the years to unpublish their announcements because the couples had gone their separate ways, we hope that those who remain here are still happily married and fondly remember the day they exchanged their vows - as we do of our vows 47 years ago.

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Marthinus Klugkist and Bonnie Coleman of Hallandale, Florida

April 29, 2005, Fort Zachary

Mikhail Klimov and Iryna Chestna of Orlando, Florida, formerly Nizhniy Novgarod, Russia and Oddessa, The Ukraine

April 13, 2008, Sombrero Beach

Christopher Miller and Jenaveve Hoskins of Sarasota, Florida

December 27, 2007, Sombrero Beach

Nathan Kauffman and Sheri Myers of Bay City, Michigan

March 13, 2008, Sombrero Beach

Jeffrey Davis and Jennifer Joy of Somerset, Kentucky

July 17, 2007, Sombrero Beach

Scott Wehrmeyer and Melissa Edwards of Jacksonville, Florida

September 9, 2007, Sombrero Beach

Jeffrey Sprigler and Julie Reynolds of Henryville, Indiana

March 29, 2007, Sombrero Beach

Matthew Fletcher and Cindy Ruel of Nebo, North Carolina

March 3, 2007, Tranquility Bay, Marathon

Timothy Faulkner and Cassie Carter of Bowling Green, Kentucky

February 11, 2007, Sombrero Beach

Joel Filius and Lorreelee Merchant of York, Pennsylvania

November 24, 2006, Hawks Cay Resort

Joseph Sorgi and Cynthia Nelson of Fort Myers, Florida

October 31, 2006, Sombrero Beach

Michael Kurzyniec and Jennifer Boylan of Pinckney, Michigan

August 11, 2006

Sergio Guerrero and Sherry Woodall of Ponte Vedra, Florida

July 4, 2006, Sunset Park, Marathon

Bryce Cottrell and Saori Kawakami

June 23, 2006, Sombrero Beach

Noah Childers and Heidi Miller of Clay, Kentucky

May 22, 2006, Sombrero Beach

Timothy Stricker and Tori Millikan of Archdale, North Carolina

May 6, 2006, Hawks Cay Resort

Matthew Mossman and Teresa Blankenship of Lebanon, Indiana

January 31, 2005, Sombrero Beach

Joshua Gremlin and Brook Hooper of Lima, Ohio

November 6, 2006, Sombrero Rock House

Ryan DeVillier and Nicole Guidry of Lafayette, Louisiana

October 19, 2006, Sombrero Beach

Ryan Young and Bridget Vazquez of Utica, Michigan

June 11, 2005, Holiday Isle

Tinamarie Gallagher and Thomas Payton Collins

May 14, 2005. Chapel by the Sea

Matthew Thompson and Emma Wardle of Nuneaton, England

May 12, 2005, Hawks Cay Resort

Gary Palmer and Jill Wilkins of Windsor, England

May 12, 2005, Hawks Cay Resort


Ronald Nelson and Elizabeth Cassidy of Holly Hill, Florida

April 12, 2005, Knight’s Key Campground

Robert Cooke and Kareena Hutt of South Glastronbury, Connecticut

March 19, 2005, Hawks Cay Resort


Dariusz Wiecha and Irena Wolsk of Littleton, Colorado

January 11, 2005, Bahia Honda State Park

Shannon Bartella and Jon Fisher of Kenmore, New York

January 8, 2005, Sombrero Beach

Carrie Turner and Robert Cerro Jr. of Montpelier, Vermont

January 1, 2005, Sombrero Beach

Laura Negomireanu and Rand Bowden of Stilwell, Kansas

December 31, 2004, Hawks Cay Resort


Kate Lackey and Daniel Wideman of Port Richey, Florida

November 27, 2004, Sombrero Beach

Anthony Lewis and Gillian Taylor of Cramlinton, Northumberland, United Kingdom

November 23, 2004, Hawks Cay Resort

Marci Seaberg and Edward Weingartner of Brick, New Jersey

October 2, 2004, Hawks Cay Resort

Servando LLanio and Sheila Freed of Baltimore, Maryland

July 30, 2004, Hawks Cay Resort

Frank Pelose and Staci Adams of Port Orange, Florida

June 26, 2004, Hawks Cay Resort

Jim Schultz and Aimee Wallace of Cape May, NJ

May 29, 2004, Hawks Cay Resort

Joseph Jeraci and Nanette Lorenzo of Mamaroneck, NY

May 21, 2004, Sombrero Beach

Herbert Owens and Debra Hester

March 26, 2004, Hawks Cay Resort

Tony Giordano and Jennifer Howes

March 20, 2004, Hawks Cay Resort

Angus Hoover and Barbara Sellars

March 15, 2004, Sombrero Beach

Picture Not Available

David Lindholm and Leslie Gowell
February 17, 2004, Bahia Honda State Park

Wilbur Shearin III and Stephanie Neal December 24, 2003, Sombrero Beach

Bryan Ramos and Stephanie Brown
October 2, 2003 Lime Tree Bay Resort

Erica Jones and Rodrigo Castana

September 15, 2003, Sombrero Beach

Kimbery White and Robert Drury

June 29, 2003, Key Colony Beach

Patricia Cerbasi and Francisco Viola
June 7, 2003, Fort Zachary

Jeanie and Dave

November 23, 2002, Fort Zachary

Donna Dumas and Kenny Basham

May 4, 2002, Sombrero Beach

Jenifer Bradburn and Everett Bradley

October 20, 2001, Smathers Beach

James Ballantine and Samantha Chatwin of Bournemouth, England

March 18, 2005, Hawks Cay Resort